University Registrar


The mission of the Office of the University Registrar is to support the University Strategic Plan by serving three distinct publics: students, alumni, and faculty and staff.

Our services will provide opportunities for students with different backgrounds and perspectives to acquire the understanding, knowledge, and skills to be proactive, competent contributors to their degree plans as well as to the university community. Areas of responsibility include: 

  • Data steward for the student record system
  • Data assurance coordinator for integrity of academic records
  • Support for pathway to degree by participation in review and creation of academic policies, curricula, and degree requirements
  • Instructional support in the general assignment classroom
  • Compliance with all agency, state, and federal regulations, and 
  • Construction of semester course offerings.

Inherent in the work of the University Registrar is collaborative partnerships with all academic colleges and the Student Success Center to assist in the retention and degree completion for our students.

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Office of the University Registrar (MC 0134)
Student Services Building, Suite 250, Virginia Tech
800 Washington St., SW
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: (540) 231-6252